what makes for best exercise in retirement ?

* significant health upgrade via body’s own endorphin production

* outdoors, connect back with all that’s fresh & real
call it reconnecting with childplay


* varieties of putting out – taking it in
rests when needed. sure, restroom too

* varieties too in settings, colors, tastes, connections
beauty everywhere along the way

* all-in-one direction, returning to the start
without redoing parts just covered. say, a loop

* repeat on a weekly schedule
for positive results minus long-haul damage / recovery


* set own schedule on nothing more than simple nature itself
fair weather, cool temps

* sometimes share the experience with friends

* welcome new inspirations, interests, startups in visual arts, music
green & animal friends, here & there a human too

* so how about making monroe part of your own life !
whadya think ? takes us all to make it happen
so what is it gonna take to make it happen ?
your ideas ?

4 thoughts on “what makes for best exercise in retirement ?

  1. Although I did not introduce myself, I met up with Jim this morning at the DeBary Hall (one of the rest stops along the Gemini Springs bike trail. Interesting gentlemen. I couldn’t agree more with what he said in the intro of the benefits of having a loop around Lake Monroe. My wife, Cindy & I, ride the trail every week and love it. It gives meaning to serenity.

    Chris Ray
    Sanford, Flarda (that’s right. I spelled it that way)


    • so good to be pedaling alongside today, chris
      even if keeping up my 3wheels to your 2’s
      left a bit to be desired
      the loop perfect this quiet ride morn
      after much annual kabooms into the night
      enterprise rd most welcome, 415 bikepath about done

      hope to see you again
      ~ jim


  2. I think this would be wonderful for folks that want to feel safe in riding extensive miles in a scenic environment. I have done many versions of this ride on road around lake Monroe for the past 22 years. Throw in a restaurant stop for breakfast or lunch and it really breaks up the ride distance. Will ride for Food!

    Pete Owens


what's left to do to make lake monroe's loop come true ? your thoughts ? . . .

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