i miss my lake
meantime great things are happening out there
they spur me on
here’s the story . . .

started as workout for my climaterides
shape up rusty pumpers for both inaugurals
oldest rider both – NY-DC ’08  – & – EUREKA-SAN FRANCISCO ’10
then kept on going – sure kept me alive !

until foot joints twisted into something else
rheum arthritis – ok, fuse ’em in ’13
relieved of my cannondale, found a knee scooter
now back on my feet – soon the pedals

even if heads up, feet-in-front
i need to get back to my lake
tadpole calling for off-road trek
he the only one ? – don’t think so

you ?
check out the loop – we’re practically there !
little left to make it come true. so whats next ?
your thoughts ? . . .

~ jim

and while think’n, howbout click’n . . .
looping the lake in 2009
bicycle dawns on my lakeloop
shemovesme – action begets healing !
shemovesme – tadpole to sunrise trailer

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what's left to do to make lake monroe's loop come true ? your thoughts ? . . .

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