what makes for best exercise in retirement ?

* significant health upgrade via body’s own endorphin increase

* got to be outdoors, connecting back with all that’s fresh & real
call it reconnecting with childhood excitement

* varieties of pushing-coasting, challenging-taking it in
rests when needed. sure, restroom too

* varieties too in settings, colors, tastes, connections

* beauty everywhere along the way

* all-in-one direction, returning to the start
without redoing parts just covered. say, a loop

* ideal for repetition on a weekly schedule
for positive results w/o long-haul damage & recovery

* set own schedule depending on nothing more than simple nature itself
fair weather, cool temps

* sometimes share the experience with friends

* source of unexpected inspirations, interests, startups in visual arts, music
green & animal friends, human too. it has LOOKED LIKE THIS ( click )

* so how about making monroe part of your life too !
to take us all to make it happen. whadya think? do say so here . . .

what's left to do to make lake monroe's loop come true ? your thoughts ? . . .

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