just now phase II

celebrating opening of our phase II riverwalk, 1/23/2015

(  on my way back from hospital for bigger wheels, for returning wifeling  )

thanks too to super-cycling lake monroe neighbor, volusia county
for 5-mi, way off-road,  FORESTED KB TRAIL just past the bridge
from lake monroe park to past gemini springs park

too, that long-distance, off-road path, eastward on dirksen drive

. . . next to connect – enterprise to revamped SR-415 along the lake

and thanks for shooting me that phase II opening day
kurt stafkovsky of our SEMINOLE COUNTY’s SGTV

finally, thank you adele for working out your 2-wk surgery recovery
at riverwalk’s phase II hospital destination – the very day 

what's left to do to make lake monroe's loop come true ? your thoughts ? . . .

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